Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal Defense Attorneys in Rochester, NY

If you have been arrested and charged with a crime, whether that be a felony, misdemeanor, summary, or otherwise, you need immediate legal representation. Napier & Napier, Attorneys at Law ensures every client’s rights are protected throughout the duration of their case. Robert and James personally work with each client because we know the gravity of the situation and the toll it can take on our client and their family.

Napier & Napier has provided criminal defense since 1948, and works to mitigate the consequences and give their clients firsthand advice and protection they are afforded under the law. As soon as you walk through our doors, we will put our extensive knowledge of criminal justice system to work for you, so you have the confidence that somebody is in your corner.

We represent clients for criminal cases including:

Assault & Violent Crimes

It is crucial to have an attorney defend your rights and future if you have been charged with a violent crime, as a conviction can impact your family, career, and finances. We fight to present your case, defend your rights, and have the case dismissed or the damages mitigated, as a felony or misdemeanor can result in background checks for years to come.

Drug Crimes

If you have been arrested and charged with the manufacturing, selling, or trafficking of an illegal substance, our team at Napier & Napier is dedicated to protecting your rights. We are committed to minimizing the impact the charges have on your future.

Criminal Mischief

Small acts of vandalism, graffiti, and property damage can result in criminal mischief charges. Fines and even jail time are on the table depending on the extent of the damages caused. It’s important to have legal representation in these cases, as we can work on your behalf to prevent these acts from landing on your record.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are considered to be among the most heinous offenses, and as such they are aggressively tried. A guilty verdict can permanently alter your life by destroying personal relationships and having to register as a sex offender, among other serious consequences. We work to defend you and work against a criminal conviction.

White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are financially motivated crimes in the vein of fraud, identity theft, embezzlement, computer crimes, and more. While these crimes are usually associated with business people, anybody can be charged with this crime. At Napier & Napier, Attorneys at Law we work with our clients by giving them the personal attention they deserve and customizing a legal strategy tailored specifically for their case.